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December 9, 2020

Welcome to Halpern Residential at North&Co.; the community source of all things North Central Phoenix!

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Our #1 source of this “little town/big city” in Phoenix, happens to be the #1 independent agent at the #1 independent brokerage, Trevor Halpern, JD. Trevor is a father, husband, son, brother, friend and real estate agent. If you know him, you’ll know he conducts his life and his business by simple rules: treat people with respect; treat people with honesty; treat people the way you want to be treated; put in more than you get out; do the right thing 100% of the time. Those rules create simplicity and simplicity leaves me more time and brainpower to dedicate to his family, friends and clients.

A product of North Central Phoenix’s Madison School District, Brophy College Preparatory, Arizona State University, and The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. He derives his professional experience from the various positions prior to entering the real estate business in 2011. His approach to selling real estate combines his personal, professional and educational backgrounds. High-level strategy, high-level negotiating, precise tactical execution, and smiling clients are what he strives for.

We hope you enjoy the discovery of every nook and cranny that North Central Phoenix has to offer as we dig into the top reasons this area is a bright beacon in the desert rich with community and heart.

It’ll be a short drive to our first look into the one of the best reasons to live in North Central Phoenix. Driving down Central Avenue in the heart of North Central Phoenix is more of an experience than a through-way. Each side of this part of town is flanked by expansive Olive & Ash trees, proudly showing their century plus age (and the occasional treehouse!). The seemingly endless stately homes are eye-catching, exhibiting unique and oftentimes bold character in architecture and landscaping. Others are so intentionally engulfed with greenery that you would never guess the Narnia behind the bushes. Take for example, 6012 N Central Ave and 6611 N Central Ave, which both have sold this year. Most wouldn’t guess that this type of living is available 12 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor!

The history and class that North Central offers is the only first impression, the first layer. Just a few streets east of the coveted Central Ave is a nature preserve nestled at the base of Piestewa Peak that has been incorporated into a playground sanctuary for kids, dogs and ducks alike. According to Arizonensis, a website that is for the focus, study and appreciation of Arizona Natural History, shares there are four different varieties of the Dove that chooses to reside in this urban desert. In addition to Grackles, Mockingbirds and even vibrant Lovebirds.

Haily P on Yelp says it best: “How have we not been here before?! This is the closest park to our newish home and we’ve been going to our old park this entire year, only to find out that this one is closer and much cooler! It has 2 lakes with loads of ducks, awesome play features, loads of grassy areas to run and picnic, nice bathrooms, and it’s safe to say that my 2 yr old and sheepdog were happy campers! I see many many more park days in our future here, especially with another boy on the way! They had picnic tables scattered throughout with gorgeous mountain views. It’s seriously one of the coolest parks that I’ve been to in the Valley! We’re thrilled that we found it and that it’s only 7 mins from our house. See you again soon, Granada Park!”

Beth (The Halpern Heart) & Marty (The Halpern Happiness) and Jaci (The Halpern Operations Coordinator) of Halpern Residential at North&Co. found themselves Nerding Out in North Central at Granada Park and couldn’t agree more! Beth, a North Central Phoenix native raising three more to add to the legacy, said her childhood is sprinkled with memories of Granada Park. She was sharing stories from a wide range of different birthday parties over the years (we’re talking since the 80’s people!) at this diverse nature space. Trevor (The Halpern CEO) himself also has numberless stories of dirt bike paths around the park, playing football and more birthday parties. 

It was a brisk morning when the Halpern Team stopped by and knew immediately that the only thing that could possibly make this park even better….was the foresight to grab the most scrumptious coffee from Kaleidoscope Juice located inside CASA Uptown, aka Halpern Residential office headquarters. 

They sipped and sauntered around the lakes, but quickly learned that Marty had his eye on the prize; SAND. He couldn’t get enough of the play structures, squishy mat floor, more sand and ultimately ended up settling with Beth pushing him on the swings. Huge smile, happy squeals to the skies, kicking feet; now that is worth lacing up your shoes, finding your keys or getting your helmet on and asking your neighbor to point to Granada Park!

Don’t be surprised to see the whole Halpern clan on the weekend; tires spinning, pedals swishing and The Halpern Happiness chillin’ in the bike trailer toward this peaceful and natural gem of North Central Phoenix. 

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