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AZBigMedia.com | How to navigate Phoenix luxury real estate market with expert guidance

As seen on AZBigMedia.com, October, 2023. The luxury real estate market requires its own level of expertise for a variety of reasons. Trevor explains how to navigate the luxury market with expert guidance in this AZ Big Media article. 

AZBigMedia.com | A guide to financing a home in Phoenix

As seen on AZBigMedia.com, September 2023. Within the world of home financing there is a diversity of elements, from down payment requirements to credit score minimums to options related to mortgage types. Trevor breaks down everything you need to know about financing a home in Phoenix in this AZ Big Media article. 

12News | Tips & Tools for Buyers to Buy even when mortgage rates are high

As seen on 12News, August 2023. Mortgage rates continue to climb, but buyers shouldn’t be deterred by the increase. Trevor talked to 12News about the latest numbers and what he’s seeing in the Phoenix real estate market.

GMAZ | Channel 3 On Your Side | More renters are opting for mortgages

More renters are opting for a mortgage despite interest rates because rents have skyrocketed in the Phoenix area. Trevor and a couple of his clients chat with Channel 3 about what’s motivating them to make the move.

AZBigMedia.com | The ups and downs of communities with HOAs

As seen on AZBigMedia.com, August, 2023. Arizona ranks fifth in the nation for its number of HOAs and second in the nation for its average dues. Trevor breaks down the pros and cons of HOAs in this AZ Big Media article. 

AZ Big Media | The Value of Home Inspections

Home inspections are a critical step in the real estate process as they help identify potential issues or defects in a property that may not be apparent during a casual viewing. Trevor discusses the importance of conducting thorough home inspections when buying or selling a property. As seen on AZBigMedia.com, July 2023.

AZ BIG Podcast | Trevor Halpern talks tips for homebuyers and sellers

In this episode of the AZ Big Podcast, Trevor gives an update on the Phoenix real estate market and offers tips for potential homebuyers and sellers. Listen here! 

Arizona’s Family On Your Side 3TV | Phoenix area short-term rentals in decline due to saturated market

Reports indicate that nearly half of all Airbnb, VRBO and other short-term rentals went unreserved during the exceptionally busy spring season. Trevor explained the shift that’s on the horizon to Arizona’s Family 3TV. 

Halpern Residential | Channel 12 | Trevor shows a $4 Million dollar home

As seen on Channel 12, June, 2, 2023. Luxury real estate is heating up in the Phoenix area. Find out why as Trevor shows NBC12 what $4 million dollars will get you these days. 

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