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Trevor Halpern J.D.

#1 Independent Agent at North&Co.

My name is Trevor Halpern. I am the owner of the Halpern Residential real estate group with North&Co. I am a father, husband, son, brother, and real estate agent. I conduct my life and my business by simple rules: treat people with respect; treat people with honesty; treat people the way I want to be treated; put in more than I get out; do the right thing 100% of the time. Those rules create simplicity and simplicity leaves me more time and brainpower to dedicate to my family, friends and clients.

I am a product of North Central Phoenix’s Madison School District, Brophy College Preparatory, Arizona State University, and The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. I derive my professional experience from the various positions I had prior to entering the real estate business in 2011. My approach to selling real estate combines my personal, professional and educational backgrounds. High-level strategy, high-level negotiating, precise tactical execution, and smiling clients are what I strive for.

Enough about me – I want to know about you.


Your Client Concierge with Halpern Residential is a fireball of energy and excitement for the real estate process. From your first interaction with Lia, you’ll know how much she truly cares about you and your experience.


The difference is in the details and your experience with Halpern Residential will be guided by the Queen of detail herself. You may not meet Jaci, Operations Coordinator, but you’ll certainly feel her high level expertise.


The lynchpin to our marketing execution, Kristina is the longest standing team member. She brings our team together as the perfect collision of creative execution and detailed planning.

Straight Shooters

Halpern Residential provides an Elevated Real Estate Experience through purpose, process, problem solving, and people. By elevating the experience of everyone we encounter, our reputation in the marketplace carries a momentum of its own in an ever- expanding network of conversations.  Every employee, contractor and tradesman who engage people on our behalf knows our reputation as straight shooters who conduct our business with honesty, integrity, efficiency, intelligence, and ingenuity; and each of us work diligently to both guard and enhance that reputation.

We are known for our Brand, our intelligence, our approachability, our marketing, our integrity, and our process orientation.  We are known as problem solvers, who seek and create elegant and simple solutions to complex issues. People in and out of the industry recognize our Brand and our marketing as the best and most creative in the marketplace.  They are saying our knowledge is unparalleled and that our team members are the best they have ever encountered.

We deliver truth and knowledge with every encounter.  We deliver innovation and efficiency.  We deliver effective communication before it is asked for.  We deliver step-by-step transparency from beginning to end.  We put people first and always do what is best for our clients.  We focus on outcome, not on income.

Working together at Halpern Residential is fun and congenial.  We pull for each other and we share ideas, successes and failures.  We laugh far more than we cry and we smile so much it hurts.  Our culture pulls for success in our professional lives, in our personal lives, and in the lives of our clients.  We strive for enrichment with everyone we encounter.  We have cultivated an environment of trust, of belonging, of professionalism, and of continual improvement.

Halpern Residential sells $40,000,000 in real estate annually.  While we selectively serve clientele all over the Valley, we have our team focused on North Central Phoenix and the immediate surrounding areas. We are experts in this geographic area and we have enough market share, signs in the ground, and overall presence to be acknowledged as the number 1 team in North Central.  Our North Central peers know us and we know them.  We enjoy working with our area peers and have earned a reputation from them as being top-notch.

As CEO, I manage my team, provide strategy and guidance, and I act as a mentor and problem solver.  I work 20 hours per week on my real estate business and devote time to my family and other personal and business ventures.  My family and I enrich our lives through travel, quality time together and by creating adventure in everything we do.

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