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Strength in numbers is a true advantage in today’s real estate market. Solo agents cannot effectively do everything and help their clients succeed in this competitive and fast-paced market. One of the chief advantages we have is our team approach. We don’t take clients in and hand them off to other agents – we work with you every step of the way to build and execute a strategy to create success in your real estate endeavors. Trevor focuses on developing and executing strategy, while Jaci focuses on delivering precise tactical execution. That one-two punch works wonders for our clients by creating efficiency and strength in all aspects of the home buying or selling process. 

Trevor H. Halpern, J.D.

As the founder of Halpern Residential and the #1 independent agent at eXp Realty. I take pride in delivering high-level strategy, efficient negotiations, and precise tactical execution to either get your house sold or help you land your dream home. I’m a graduate of ASU’s College of Law and a Phoenix native, so my deep knowledge of both people and property has allowed me to create client success in all areas of town. I conduct my life and my business by simple rules: treat people with respect; lead with honesty; put more than I get out; and do the right thing 100% of the time. But please don’t just read it here, give me a call to experience the Halpern Residential difference. I want to know more about you!


The difference is in the details and your experience with Halpern Residential will be guided by the Queen of detail herself. As Operations Coordinator, Jaci helps ensure an exquisite experience for our buyer and seller clients.

Straight Shooters

Halpern Residential provides an Elevated Real Estate Experience through purpose, process, problem solving, and people. By elevating the experience of everyone we encounter, our reputation in the marketplace carries a momentum of its own in an ever- expanding network of conversations.  Every employee, contractor and tradesman who engage people on our behalf knows our reputation as straight shooters who conduct our business with honesty, integrity, efficiency, intelligence, and ingenuity; and each of us work diligently to both guard and enhance that reputation.

We are known for our Brand, our intelligence, our approachability, our marketing, our integrity, and our process orientation.  We are known as problem solvers, who seek and create elegant and simple solutions to complex issues. People in and out of the industry recognize our Brand and our marketing as the best and most creative in the marketplace.  They are saying our knowledge is unparalleled and that our team members are the best they have ever encountered.

We deliver truth and knowledge with every encounter.  We deliver innovation and efficiency.  We deliver effective communication before it is asked for.  We deliver step-by-step transparency from beginning to end.  We put people first and always do what is best for our clients.  We focus on outcome, not on income.

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