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Luxury Beyond The Price Tag: Elevating Timeless Features

In Arizona, the luxury real estate market is quite competitive, due in part to available inventory lagging behind the current demand. Luxury, however, is a subjective descriptor for properties.  While it generally refers to the home’s list price, checking in among the top 5-10% of values across any given market, a buyer is the one […]

Preparing To List Your Luxury Home 

When you ask a seasoned real estate professional if selling a “luxury” home is different from selling a non-luxury home, a lot of them will tell you that “luxury” means just another zero (or two) to the price tag. The truth is, the luxury home market is very different from the non-luxury market and the […]

Phoenix Is Experiencing A Luxury Housing Boom

This year, the Phoenix real estate market has had plenty of reasons to cool. And in some places, at some price points, it has corrected from a frenzied pace that was becoming difficult to sustain. That being written, the average sale price across the valley has risen by 11.5% since January of this year.  In […]

Choosing The Ideal Real Estate Agent

Arizona’s real estate market is a competitive one, which means it’s important for buyers and sellers to draw on the experience of experts in the field by finding a qualified agent to represent their interests.  Real estate agents offer their clients a wealth of guidance during the homebuying or selling process, giving buyers or sellers […]

Navigate The Luxury Real Estate Market in Phoenix With Expert Guidance

The luxury real estate market requires its own level of expertise for a variety of reasons. From lending to marketing to networking and beyond, the luxury real estate market is its own unique ecosystem when compared to more moderately priced homes.  It goes without saying that the first — and likely one of the most […]

A Guide To Financing A Home In Phoenix

For most people, the purchase of a home will require a mortgage. In fact, a report released in 2022 by the National Association of Realtors revealed that more than three-quarters of homebuyers financed a home purchase — a ratio that is actually significantly lower than the previous year. All of that is to say, mortgages […]

Understanding Mortgage Buy-down Options

Mortgage rates rarely remain static for long. Like most things, they experience seasons and cycles that climb and plummet, keeping everyone on their toes — from buyers to sellers to realtors and mortgage professionals. Although those seasons of change may seem tumultuous for different reasons, they actually create opportunities for creativity when it comes to […]

The Value of Home Inspections

The home buying process can take time and involve quite a few steps. Finding the perfect property, from size to location to price range, is one major milestone. And once that’s done, initiating a home inspection is quite possibly the most important next step for every buyer. A home inspection, an expense of about $350 […]

The Ups and Downs of Communities With HOAs

In many communities, homes aren’t just part of a neighborhood. They’re part of a homeowner association, a body that regulates certain aspects of homeowner conduct, a home’s appearance and common areas in a neighborhood.  In Arizona, more than 30% of homes are in communities that have homeowner associations, which is considerably higher than the national […]

How Photo Quality Can Make or Break a Phoenix Real Estate Deal

How Photo Quality Can Make or Break a Phoenix Real Estate Deal

It should come as no surprise that photos are essential when listing a home. But how critical are they? Statistics released by the National Association of Realtors indicate that potential buyers spend 60% of their time reviewing images of a listing and just 20% reviewing a listing’s property description. An overwhelming majority of potential buyers […]

Purchasing A Luxury Home With Cash Has Its Pros And Cons

Purchasing A Luxury Home With Cash Has Its Pros And Cons

Just how common is it to purchase a home with cash? It happens about a third of the time, according to industry statistics released late last year. And those stats indicate that cash purchases are on the rise, reaching their highest level in nearly a decade.  As these types of purchases trend, it certainly begs […]

Short-term rental shift could be on the horizon in Phoenix

Short-term rental shift could be on the horizon in Phoenix 

As the dust settles from a traditionally busy spring in the Phoenix area, made busier by Super Bowl LVII, the beginning of what could be a buzz-worthy shift in the local market is starting to emerge. The short-term rental market is primed for a significant shift as investors who banked on a big payout, thanks […]

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