Choosing The Ideal Real Estate Agent

October 20, 2023

Arizona’s real estate market is a competitive one, which means it’s important for buyers and sellers to draw on the experience of experts in the field by finding a qualified agent to represent their interests. 

Real estate agents offer their clients a wealth of guidance during the homebuying or selling process, giving buyers or sellers a distinct advantage when compared to others who go at it alone. Some of the most notable benefits of working with a real estate agent include: 

  • Home search capabilities that are more thorough and comprehensive than those available to the general public
  • Local market knowledge that may not be reflected by national data and trends
  • An established network of potential buyers and sellers 
  • Unbiased advice, when compared to friends and family, as it relates to location, price and amenities
  • Connections to mortgage professionals, contractors, and tradespeople 
  • Knowledge of local zoning, HOA regulations, CC&Rs, schools and future plans for certain areas

Those benefits just scratch the surface of the upside to a client-real estate agent relationship. More than anything, real estate agents are a resource for potential buyers and sellers, offering critical strategy and guidance through what is usually one of the biggest purchases of a person’s life. 

So, how should someone go about finding a real estate agent who is ideal for them? Referrals are a great way to get started. Just as people generally prefer hearing restaurant or hotel recommendations from friends who have experienced the food or destination, the same applies to real estate agents.

Asking friends or colleagues who they have worked with, and more importantly how that working relationship went, is a great way to find an ideal real estate agent. It helps to have a few to choose from, since everyone’s style and personalities are different. 

It also helps to ask for referrals with certain specialties, like real estate agents who work extensively with first-time homebuyers or those with experience in the luxury market or those with considerable experience in a designated geographic area. Depending on the client’s circumstances, specific guidance and expertise may be desired and welcomed. 

Once a buyer or seller has acquired a few referrals, it’s important to check the agent’s licensure, review his or her experience, and confirm how business will be conducted in the relationship. For example, sellers may want to know if the agent or an agent’s representative will be on site for showings, or if a lockbox will be used for other agents to access. It’s an important point of distinction for those who are selling a property. 

It’s also imperative for clients to have a good understanding of a real estate agent’s commission rate, so there are no surprises when the transaction closes. And, if a client found a real estate agent without receiving referrals, it would be helpful to request feedback from the agent’s previous clients.

Real estate agents act as guides throughout a process that may be foreign to the average person, even if they’ve purchased or sold a home previously. As with any major life decision, it’s important to find expert guidance that makes the process easier and less stressful than taking the journey on your own.

If you’re considering a home purchase or sale, the team at Halpern Residential is ready to help. We keep an eye on market trends so you don’t have to. Moving or investing in real estate is an exciting time of transition, and we’re ready to help you with it. Contact us today so we can learn more about how we can support your needs.

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