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Monthly Market Updates and Thoughts from Trevor Halpern

Talk to Trev | January 2023 | A New Year Update

Talk to Trev | December 2022 | Real Estate Predictions for 2023

Talk to Trev | November 2022 | Is it a good time to buy?

Talk to Trev | October 2022 | Busting Real Estate Myths

Talk to Trev | September | Is Phoenix becoming overvalued?

Talk to Trev | July 2022 | How much home can you afford?

Talk to Trev | June 2022 | How to take advantage of a shift in the market

Talk to Trev | May 2022 | Trev talks real estate recession & inflation

Talk to Trev | April 2022

Talk to Trev | Feb 2022 | How can a traditional buyer compete with investors?

Talk to Trev | January 2022 | Is it a good idea to invest in RE?

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