Luxury Beyond The Price Tag: Elevating Timeless Features

January 22, 2024

In Arizona, the luxury real estate market is quite competitive, due in part to available inventory lagging behind the current demand. Luxury, however, is a subjective descriptor for properties. 

While it generally refers to the home’s list price, checking in among the top 5-10% of values across any given market, a buyer is the one who actually defines a property as a luxury home — based on its features. With that in mind, it’s important for those listing a luxury home to understand how to approach buyers by positioning their property in a way that it will be best received. 

By playing up timeless luxury features, those selling a piece of luxury real estate may have greater success in getting the attention of affluent home buyers. One way to play up timeless features is to avoid getting caught up in luxury trends — from specific lighting fixtures to flashy color palettes to finishes that may have a brief shelf life on luxury’s lengthy timeline. 

Here are four timeless areas where experts agree that sellers should focus their efforts to attract Arizona luxury home buyers. 

Refined Outdoor Spaces. Luxury home buyers are interested in the floor plan of a home, but almost as important is the property’s outdoor space or spaces — if a home allows for multiple, unique gathering areas. From resort-inspired pools to premium outdoor kitchens, high-quality sport courts and transition areas — buffered by retractable glass doors — that facilitate the ever-attractive indoor-outdoor living Arizona home buyers are able to enjoy, refined outdoor spaces rank high on the priority list for affluent buyers. 

Relaxing Spa Bathrooms. A master suite that serves as a true luxury retreat never goes out of style. With that in mind, luxury properties that feature a certain type of master bath — one that embraces the energy of a high-end spa — often stand out in a competitive market. By utilizing classic materials, luxurious elements such as clawfoot or modern soaking tubs alongside steam showers, and finishing the space with a minimalist touch that allows the features to stand out, those selling a luxury property have an opportunity to capture the attention of Arizona buyers. 

Utilizing Neutral Tones. Nothing dates itself quicker than colors and patterns. To embrace timeless luxury, those who are selling a premium property are best advised to avoid trendy color palettes or patterns tied to a specific era. The utilization of neutral tones, from cabinets to wall color and beyond, facilitates a timeless look that is easy to accent from owner to owner.

Exceptional Materials. While it isn’t easy to incorporate premium materials into a home immediately before it is listed, it is advisable to highlight the use of exceptional materials in a listing for a luxury home. Affluent buyers expect it. From specific hardwoods to premium stone to custom steel and even top-notch appliances, all of these elements are indicators of timeless luxury and should be showcased in a luxury listing with the intent of capturing the attention of a discerning buyer.

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