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Five Things You Need To Know To Succeed In The Real Estate Industry

As featured on medium.com by Jason Hartman, June 14, 2021 Novelty is rare — don’t reinvent the wheel, just make the wheel yours. Many people enter this industry thinking they are going to be disruptors or that they are bringing something so different that the masses will flock to them. The reality is that such […]

Market Update with Billy Harfosh on iHeart Radio

The average price for a single family home in Phoenix RIGHT NOW is $508,000 thanks to constricted inventory and high demand. There’s so much going on when it comes to Arizona real estate, it’s hard to keep up! Luckily, our team has got you covered! Trevor shared an update with iHeart Media and Billy Harfosh, […]

Live on Good Morning Arizona 5/24/21

Trevor discusses the surge of million dollar home buyers and why they can’t build these luxury, high-end homes quick enough!

The List featuring Trevor Halpern Presents: Advice for Buyers in a Seller’s Market, Part Deux

Trevor Halpern, founder of Halpern Residential at North & Co., is back on the List to discuss his best tips and tricks for going into battle. Trevor really breaks down these top hacks that you probably haven’t heard before. Check it out below!

Top 10 states people are leaving and moving to Arizona

As seen in AZBIGMEDIA.com, May 6, 2021. U-Haul customers have spoken, well actually thousands have moved, and Arizona is among the top 5 destinations for one-way moving trucks. Trends data compiled from more than two million one-way U-Haul truck customer transactions in 2020 found Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Ohio and Arizona were the most sought-after states.  So there […]

North Central real estate market one of hottest

Trevor was published in the North Central News, May 2021. The real estate market in North Central and around Phoenix is on fire. That is according to Trevor Halpern, J.D., the founder of Halpern Residential at North&Co. and the number one independent agent at Phoenix-based North&Co. Halpern recently identified the five hottest neighborhoods in Phoenix […]

The Phoenix Real Estate Market is HOT!

A conversation with Billy Harfosh of Show Up Arizona on iHeart Radio. https://kez999.iheart.com/featured/billy-harfosh/content/2021-04-26-the-phoenix-real-estate-market-is-hot/

How to get the best offer for your Phoenix house

As featured on AZFamily.com and 3 On Your Side 4/16/21. James Curley has lived in his house in Tempe for 23 years. “The favorite part of the house is all the memories here,” he said. Now Curley is ready to make new memories in a new place nearby, so he recently put his home on […]


HOSTS: KEN MORGAN & MARK ASHER The NEW Business for Breakfast on Money Radio 1510AM & 105.3FM is the perfect mix of financial information, business news, and fun! Longtime B4B host Ken Morgan is joined by Valley sports radio veteran, Mark Asher. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, navigating the real estate market right now feels […]

Advice for Home Buyers in a Seller’s Market

It’s a seller’s market, but what about the buyers? With low inventory and high demand, landing your dream home is more competitive than ever! (Or harder than ever). Luckily, we were able (or our Founder Trevor Halpern) to give some great advice to The List TV when it comes to navigating this crazy real estate […]

The 5 hottest neighborhoods for housing in Metro Phoenix

As Seen in AZBig Media on 4/6/21 The Phoenix real estate market is one of the hottest in the nation with less than 4,000 currently available homes on the market, compared to 23,000 two years ago. With a lower supply of homes and more homes selling, properties are being assumed quicker than ever before, especially […]

What it takes to get your dream home

As Seen on GMAZ Channel 3 and AZFamily.com on March 30, 2021. Across the Greater Phoenix metro area, there are about 4,000 homes on the market right now, according to real estate agent Trevor Halpern. Last year at the same time, there were about 11,000 available homes, and the year before that, there were approximately […]

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