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AZAM on FOX10 Phoenix | Trev Talks Summer Trends

From interest rates to inventory, Trevor talks all things Phoenix real estate as we head into summer. Take a peek at this live segment with FOX10 Phoenix to have all your questions answered. 

The List TV | How to Navigate a Transitioning Market | April 2023

Sometimes it’s a buyers market, sometimes it’s a sellers market. Things are changing very fast in the world of real estate, so Trevor offered some advice on navigating the current housing market. Watch his story that aired nationally on The List. 

GMAZ Arizona’s Family 3TV | Phoenix Spring Housing Outlook

As seen on GMAZ Arizona’s Family 3TV and on AZBigMedia.com, March 2023. Phoenix real estate experienced a bit of a cool down at the beginning of the year, but it’s not expected to last long. Trevor shares with 3TV’s Good Morning Arizona what buyers and sellers can expect this spring and things are looking up

The LIST TV | 2023 Real Estate Predictions

If you’re looking to buy a home and aren’t sure what to expect in 2023, Trevor’s got you covered! He shared his real estate predictions with the nationally syndicated show called The List! 

Halpern Residential | 3TV Good Morning Arizona | What’s in store for real estate in 2023 | Dec22

What’s in store for real estate come 2023? Think more inventory, lower interest rates and fewer iBuyers. Trevor shared his list of real estate predictions for the Phoenix area on 3TV’s Good Morning Arizona.

Arizona’s Family Channel 3 | New Home Incentives

As seen on Arizona’s Family, Channel 3 and featured on AZFamily.com, November 2, 2022. As the new home market shifts, builders are offering some BIG incentives to potential buyers. Trevor talks to Arizona’s Family 3TV about the real estate shift that’s being seen across the Valley.

NBC12 News | Phoenix Leads Nation in Shrinking Million Dollar Homes | Sept22

As seen on NBC12 News, September 7, 2022.

Halpern Residential | FOX10 Phoenix Live Housing Market Update | August 22

The Valley is starting to see a balanced real estate market which means buyers are finally getting some good news. Trevor made an appearance on FOX10 Phoenix to discuss the recent shift.

AZ Family Channel 3 | Home listings double in Phoenix area

The Phoenix real estate market is shifting quickly. The latest Cromford Index numbers prove it and the top Google searches related to Phoenix real estate show that buyers and sellers feel it! The Halpern Residential marketing team pulled the top searches related to Phoenix real estate and shared them with Channel 3 AZ Family.

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