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GMAZ Channel 3 | Trevor Halpern reports on his 2022 real estate predictions

As seen on AZFamily.com, December 8, 2021.

Realtor.com | Buying a Home in Your 50s? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

As seen on Realtor.com, December 2, 2021. As people retire, buying a new home is becoming more common. However, before you make such a large investment, there are some important things people in their 50s should take into account. Purchasing a home now is not what it used to be. Trevor shares some helpful tips […]

AZBigMedia | 5 things to know when investing in real estate in Arizona

As featured in AZBigMedia.com, November, 30, 2021. Many people are looking for investment opportunities other than stocks and bonds. The next logical investment is real estate property and Phoenix is topping the list. Trevor provides a list of 5 things potential buyers should know when considering a real estate investment in Arizona.

iHeart Radio | Do You Really Know Arizona Real Estate? A Conversation with Trevor Halpern with Billy Harfoush

Billy Harfosh and Trevor Halpern dive deep into the current real estate market in Arizona Listen Below!

The List | TV 4 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays

As seen on thelisttv.com, November 14, 2021. Lookin’ to sell your house? Trevor Halpern of Halpern Residential at North&Co. shares four reasons the holidays could be a good time to list your home.

Realtor.com | Buying a Home in Your 30s? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

As seen on Realtor.com, November 9, 2021. Some people are eager and ready to fulfill the idea of the American dream early, but others may want to take their time and buy a house after they’ve reached their 30s. For many people, this means becoming more responsible and mature enough to deal with their actions, […]

FOX10 | Phoenix Real Estate Update

Trevor is featured on FOX10 to give an update on the Phoenix Real Estate Market, November 3, 2021.

North Central News | Selling homes during holidays offers advantages

As seen in North Central News, November 2021. You might be extremely busy and already overwhelmed with shopping, traveling, and keeping up with distant relatives, but selling your home during the busiest time of year offers many advantages you wouldn’t expect. Trevor explains why the holiday season is the perfect time to list your home.

AZBigMedia | Here are 6 benefits of listing your home during the holidays

It may not seem like the ideal time and a bidding war isn’t as likely to happen, but selling your home during the holidays has its benefits including only dealing with serious buyers who are ready to move. Trevor breaks down many of the advantages and benefits in this article.

Realtor.com | Buying a Home in Your 20s? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

(Getty Images) As seen on Realtor.com, October 28, 2021. Being a recent college graduate, dealing with student loans and an entry-level salary makes the idea of buying a home seem daunting and nowhere in sight. However, buying a home in your 20s may not be so complicated. Millions of millennials have done it, and they […]

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