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Advice for Home Buyers in a Seller’s Market

It’s a seller’s market, but what about the buyers? With low inventory and high demand, landing your dream home is more competitive than ever! (Or harder than ever). Luckily, we were able (or our Founder Trevor Halpern) to give some great advice to The List TV when it comes to navigating this crazy real estate […]

The 5 hottest neighborhoods for housing in Metro Phoenix

As Seen in AZBig Media on 4/6/21 The Phoenix real estate market is one of the hottest in the nation with less than 4,000 currently available homes on the market, compared to 23,000 two years ago. With a lower supply of homes and more homes selling, properties are being assumed quicker than ever before, especially […]

What it takes to get your dream home

As Seen on GMAZ Channel 3 and AZFamily.com on March 30, 2021. Across the Greater Phoenix metro area, there are about 4,000 homes on the market right now, according to real estate agent Trevor Halpern. Last year at the same time, there were about 11,000 available homes, and the year before that, there were approximately […]

5 ways to land a home in a market stacked against buyers

AS SEEN IN AZ BIG MEDIA MARCH 2021 REAL ESTATE | 19 Mar | TREVOR HALPERN Arizona’s real estate market continues to skyrocket with record high home prices and extremely low inventory. There are currently 4,070 homes listed for sale in the Greater Phoenix Metro Area compared to almost 11,000 this time last year and 20,000 in […]

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