Considering Selling Your Investment Property?

How is your investment property performing? Is it exceeding your expectations or has it fallen flat? In our experience, many folks who purchased residential investment properties, especially short-term rentals, around the time you purchased your property are seeking an exit from ownership thereof.

If you are considering the sale of your investment property, please call me so I can put my experience to work for you. My proprietary approach to listing homes and getting the most money as quickly as possible for my clients has propelled me to being one of the top agents in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. I pride myself on providing a real estate experience unlike any other in the valley. Speaking with me comes with zero strings attached and I promise you will end the call feeling more informed than you did prior to our discussion.

When you call, we can discuss a number of items, including, but not limited to the ones listed below – all of which are designed to provide you with extraordinary value:

  • Your goals
  • Current market conditions
  • Market opportunities for owners like you
  • The value of your property
  • Exit strategies
  • Potential 1031 Exchange and 1031 Exchange Intermediary introduction
  • Potential reinvestment opportunities
  • Introductions to agents in other cities if you choose to reinvest elsewhere

Check out some of my media appearances over the last year and see for yourself why you’re in good hands when you work with me. 

Trevor Halpern J.D.

As the founder of Halpern Residential and the #1 independent agent at eXp Realty. I take pride in delivering high-level strategy, efficient negotiations and precise tactical execution to either get your house sold or help you land your dream home. I’m a graduate of ASU’s College of Law and a Phoenix native, so my deep knowledge of both people and property has allowed me to create client success in all areas of town. I conduct my life and my business by simple rules: treat people with respect; lead with honesty; put more than I get out; and do the right thing 100% of the time. But please don’t just read it here, give me a call to experience the Halpern Residential difference. I want to know more about you!

We look forward to connecting! Please call, text, or email us at:


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