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Are you looking to supercharge your real estate career?  Would you like to get paid to earn a “Masters Degree” in real estate by one of Phoenix’s most respected realtors at one of the area’s most dynamic brokerages?  If so, the role of Client Concierge at Halpern Residential may be the perfect fit for you. The Halpern Residential Client Concierge exists to help ensure an exquisite experience for our buyer and seller clients.  All duties associated with this position are designed to create a better client experience and to generate efficiency for Halpern Residential, all while teaching the Concierge how to create and sustain a successful referral based residential real estate practice.  The duration of this role is a maximum of 18 months, at which point, the Concierge will “graduate” to become a standalone producing real estate agent or an agent on the Halpern Residential team.  

Duties include (but are not limited to):  

  • Attending various buyer and seller meetings with the CEO 
  • Following, executing and tracking daily tasks while reporting to the CEO and Director of Operations
  • Provide daily continual support for buyers and sellers, including showing homes, holding open houses, opening and preparing listings for showings, producing and executing client deliverables and client facing tasks and duties
  • Attending events to represent the Halpern Residential brand
  • Attending various photo shoots, television interview shoots and various filmings for behind the scene shots and exposure  

The fast-paced nature of this job requires duties to be performed both in and out of the office and will require night and weekend work as well as an “on call” lifestyle 5 days a week. 

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

Research and Present CEO with New Systems and Syst Capabilities as Requested by CEO
Attend HR (Halpern Residential) Events. Help Set Up and Break Down as Needed
Manage and Complete Tasks Currently due in CRM
Manage Daily/Weekly Checklist
Attend Team Meetings
Send or Deliver Halpern Residential Gifts and Items to Clients/SOI/Referral Sources/Network
Run Office/Ops Errands
Run CEO Personal/Family Errands as Needed
Elicit Listing Showing Feedback from Showing Agents via the Listing Showing Feedback Checklist
Run Client Errands
Add and Remove Sign Riders and Lockboxes From Listings As Needed
Deliver Halpern Residential Closed Buyer Home Staging and Closing Gift
Meet Vendors at Client Properties as Needed
Meet Photographer/Videographer at Listings – Arrive Early to Prep Home and Clients
Open Listings and Prepare Homes for Buyer Visits (Including Handling Pets)
Prepare Comps and Save in MLS
Operate and Maintain Showing Process Checklist
Connect with Clients on Social Media
Input all Buyer and Seller Activity into CRM
Log New Leads and Follow-up w/ Past Leads
Review Client Searches Daily and Send Clients Potential Homes to See
Act as Client Meeting Secretary
Provide Social Media Content from Field Work
Schedule Buyer Tours and Prepare Tour Packet
Create and Maintain Buyer MLS Searches and Portals and Interact with Buyers Daily
Show Homes to Buyers
Attend Showings at Listings as Needed
Assist CEO with Social Media Content Shooting and Creation
Conduct Open Houses and Input Leads into Open House Leads Process
Deliver Open House Feedback to Sellers
Create and Execute Buyer Action Plans
Create and Execute Seller Action Plans
Coordinate Showings with Sellers
Maintain a Robust Social Media Presence
Deal Retention
Manage Tasks Daily in Buyer and Seller Checklists
Gather Information from Listing Agents for Buyer Offer Strategy


  • Must be a Licensed real estate agent in the State of Arizona
  • Must default to positivity
  • Must be tech savvy
  • Must value interpersonal relationships (we are a referral business)
  • Must be located in or around Central Phoenix 
  • Proficient in various technologies, including but not limited to:  Google Drive, Google Docs, general CRM knowledge, general email programs, general knowledge and use of social media
  • Use of and/or familiarity with Apple products is preferred
  • Demonstrate high levels of organization
  • Task oriented
  • Excellent time management and ability to prioritize tasks and duties
  • Effective multitasking
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail and problem solving
  • Must be able to think on one’s feet and read people on the fly

Pay, Vacation and Benefits:

  • Total Compensation:  Approximately $55,000 per year (salary plus per transaction bonus)
  • Health Insurance:  100% employer paid health insurance for employee from Aetna  
  • Vacation:  Halpern Residential strongly believes in taking time off to pursue your higher-self and build bonds with loved ones.  We will do our best to accomodate all reasonable vacation requests and do not set limits on the number of vacation days taken as long as the rest of the team is in balance and all work is accomplished or properly delegated prior to vacation starting.  
  • Schedule:  Work days are Wednesday through Sunday. Days off are Monday and Tuesday.  
  • Hours:  “On Call” hours during work days are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to admin@halpernresidential.com. Thank you!

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