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Phoenix, Arizona

The Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix for Housing Investments

Author: Trevor H. Halpern, J.D. is the No. 1 independent agent at Phoenix-based North&Co. and the CEO of Halpern Residential. As a Phoenix native, Halpern’s deep knowledge of both people and property has allowed him to create client success in all areas of town. A graduate of ASU’s College of Law, Halpern prides himself on […]

6 reasons why you need a real estate agent in Phoenix

Ask anyone, especially if you’re new to the world of real estate – buying and selling a home is often a painstaking, time-consuming and emotional journey – one that’s worth it when you finally have the keys to your dream home in hand.  It’s much harder to achieve that dream without the help and guidance […]

8 Best Places to Live in the Phoenix Metro Area

Thinking of starting the next chapter of your life in Phoenix? The Phoenix metropolitan area is one of the most desirable places to live, work and play. With year-round sunshine, low cost of living and excellent job opportunities, The Valley of the Sun – one of the largest cities in the United States – continues […]

The Cost of Living in Phoenix

It’s not as cheap to live in our desert oasis as it used to be, but the good news is that our cost of living is still lower than sizable cities in other states. The real estate market in Phoenix continues to make national headlines, with no slowing on the horizon. Between 2019 and 2020, […]

20 cool things to do in Phoenix on hot summer days

Phoenix is an adventurer’s paradise with beautiful sunny weather, southwest inspired cuisine, craft brews, outdoor activities, extraordinary resorts, collegiate and professional sports, and many other incredible attractions. There’s never a shortage of things to do which makes Phoenix Arizona’s most cosmopolitan and dynamic city.  Families are itching to make the most out of their summer […]

The pros and cons of accepting a cash offer on your home

The Phoenix real estate market is hot for sellers, so if you plan on listing your home soon, and if you position it correctly on the market, prepare for the floodgate of offers to open. There are fewer properties up for grabs, and many buyers will flash their cash as a competitive edge to stand […]

Rising Home Values and the Effects on Property Taxes

Homes in Phoenix are selling faster than ever. With plenty of year-round sunshine, attractive career opportunities and a place to call home where you can stress less, why wouldn’t anyone want to move here? 60,000 Californian’s flocked to The Valley just last year alone. The mass migration to Phoenix and into the surrounding suburbs means […]

Phoenix Housing Predictions

Predicting the future is typically reserved for roadside gypsies with crystal balls. And with good reason, the clarity, or cloudiness, of interpretation spreads wide and the facts are few. However, when playing with predictions of Phoenix, we don’t need a crystal ball to look into the future to “read the tea leaves”. The fact: Phoenix […]

5 Justifications for the “Hot” Phoenix Housing Market

The word on the street is that the Phoenix residential real estate market is ‘on fire’ or ‘hot.’ Trevor Halpern of Halpern and Associates says that this is an unbalanced perspective. The number of home sellers are on the rise, and yes, there is an enthusiastic group of buyers, but this is not your typical […]

Phoenix is the #1 real estate market in America right now

The Phoenix real estate market is booming. You have probably heard it’s a sellers’ market. The city has recorded the highest home values amongst the largest metropolitan locations in the nation, according to an article in AZMediaBig. While Phoenix comes in at the very top spot, there are other cities in Arizona that are all […]

Is there a Phoenix Housing Bubble?

‘Is the Phoenix real estate market in a bubble?,’ is the burning question on the minds of Halpern Residential’s clients and friends alike. Historically, Phoenix has been an appealing real estate investment market because of its relative value compared to other more expensive metropolitan areas.  Coupling that perceived value with remote working becoming more of […]

Things to do in North Central Phoenix

Welcome to Halpern Residential at North&Co.; the community source of all things North Central Phoenix! Our #1 source of this “little town/big city” in Phoenix, happens to be the #1 independent agent at the #1 independent brokerage, Trevor Halpern, JD. Trevor is a father, husband, son, brother, friend and real estate agent. If you know […]

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