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AZBigMedia.com | The pros and cons of the rise of iBuyers

As Seen on AZBigMedia.com July 7, 2021. The pandemic has forced many events to become virtual, including home showings through Facetime, 3D walkthroughs, virtual open houses, and a new alteration, iBuyer. What are iBuyers? How do they land deals? Why should you care? Trevor breaks it all down in this AZBigMedia.com article.

AZBigMedia.com | Top 10 states people are leaving and moving to Arizona

As seen in AZBIGMEDIA.com, May 6, 2021.

North Central News | North Central real estate market one of hottest

Trevor was published in the North Central News, May 2021. Trevor Halpern recognizes the top 5 neighborhoods in the Phoenix area based on appreciation value and the turnover rate for the number of homes in each neighborhood. With Arcadia-Biltmore ranked number one and North Central ranked number two, there are currently less than 4,000 available […]

AZFamily.com | How to get the best offer for your Phoenix house

As featured on AZFamily.com and 3 On Your Side 4/16/21. The Phoenix real estate market is insanely popular. Homes in the Phoenix areas are selling within a weekend. The average home sale price in the Phoenix metro area increased 25% from March 2021. Trevor gives a list of advice on how to put your home […]

AZBigMedia.com | 5 ways to land a home in a market stacked against buyers

AS SEEN IN AZ BIG MEDIA MARCH 2021 Arizona real estate has never been so popular! In March of 2020, there were 20,000 more homes on the market compared to now. Trevor Halpern, J.D., the #1 independent agent at North&Co. and founder of Phoenix-based Halpern Residential, has compiled a list of 5 tips to help […]

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