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5 best places to live in Metro Phoenix for …

What’s not to love about Phoenix? Arizona’s capital is home to a vast state where epic movies are made, hit songs naming its cities are played, and tourists flock year-round for an escape. With the cost of living lower than the national average, year-round sunshine and exquisite culture, The Valley provides many comforts without breaking […]

Good Morning Arizona Ch 3 | Trevor talks about Mortgage rates

The Mortgage Bankers Association is forecasting that the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate will hit 3.7% by the third quarter of 2022 and 4% by the end of the year. While those numbers are still historically low, they represent a roughly 30% increase compared to what we saw last year. Trevor shared what this means […]

AzBusiness Leaders 2022

What an amazing honor to be recognized in Arizona Business Leaders Magazine and to share space with the amazing leaders who were recognized in the real estate space. Over 5,000 leaders were considered in categories ranging from healthcare to accounting (and everything in between) and to have made the final cut of 500 of the […]

AZBigMedia.com | 6 best neighborhoods to work in Phoenix

As seen in AZBigMedia.com, January 18, 2022. As one of the fastest growing cities in America, it’s no wonder the flood of inbound migration is bringing middle-class families to Phoenix, where they can sweep up jobs and housing that’s far more affordable than many other major metropolitan areas. The great thing about Phoenix – there […]

2022 North Valley Real Estate Predictions

In 2022, North Valley buyers and sellers can expect to see more of what resulted from the pandemic-fueled housing market; skyrocketing home prices, increased competition between buyers, the speed of action necessary to snatch a property off the market, and the reasons people are moving to new cities and buying homes. Demand was high and […]

AZ Business Magazine | Is a housing market crash on the way in 2022?

As seen in AZBigMedia.com, on January 10, 2022. Over the last two years, the housing market has been thriving with sellers getting top dollar for their homes and bidding wars becoming more popular. But should homeowners be worried about what’s to come in 2022? Trevor provides information about the small boost in inventory in the […]

Fabulous Arizona | 2022 Phoenix Real Estate Predictions

2022 Phoenix Real Estate Predictions As seen in Fabulous Arizona, published January 5, 2022. With so many surprising trends occurring in the housing market, many are left wondering what could possibly be in store for 2022. Will inventory remain low? Will the pandemic continue to fuel low interest rates? Will luxury housing continue to be […]

AZBigMedia.com | What’s driving the Phoenix luxury real estate boom?

Above: A 15,000-square-foot home on 17 acres within the Silverleaf community in North Scottsdale sold for a record-breaking $24.1 million in 2020. As seen in AZBigMedia.com, on December 30, 2021. In the past, developers tended to build smaller houses to capture a larger audience. However, following two years of the coronavirus pandemic, the story’s a […]

Realtor.com | Buying a Home in Your 60s? Here’s What You Need To Know

(Getty Images) Featured on Realtor.com, December 22, 2021. Retirement is an exciting time with endless possibilities for travel, entertainment, and new friendships. But when it comes time to decide where to live during your later years in life, it’s essential to consider all information – old and new. Remember that buying a home nowadays is […]

AZBigMedia.com | Why the Phoenix rental market is worth the investment

As seen on AZBigMedia.com, December 18, 2021. Rental prices in the Phoenix metro, like home prices, are skyrocketing- making it challenging for people to find housing across the board. Parallel with the housing market — there are fewer rentals available and too many people who want them. As I like to say, “The only market […]

GMAZ Channel 3 | Trevor Halpern reports on his 2022 real estate predictions

As seen on AZFamily.com, December 8, 2021.

Realtor.com | Buying a Home in Your 50s? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

As seen on Realtor.com, December 2, 2021. As people retire, buying a new home is becoming more common. However, before you make such a large investment, there are some important things people in their 50s should take into account. Purchasing a home now is not what it used to be. Trevor shares some helpful tips […]

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